Invisible Cow?

Invisible Cow is the software and media label of Dr. Peter Hoffmann, on the one hand Professor for business informatics at the FOM University in Munich and on the other hand media informatic by heart and soul.

Since nearly 20 years Peter Hoffmann researches with a teom of varying colleagues on all those questions what digital media really means, how digital media take effect, how digital media can be designed and how it can be used.

Beside of practical media productions and developing interactive media software the main goal of Invisible Cow is the transfer of knowledge to all who are interested in digital media. To reach that goal Invisible Cow developed several formats for lecturing. So everybody – professional or non specialist – can take a first or a deeper step into that exciting world of interactive digital media.

Buzzwords for the acitivities of Inivisible Cow are (amongst others):

  • digital storytelling
  • multi- and hypermedia
  • multimodale interaction
  • multimedia design and presentation

The name Invisible Cow is borrowed from the cows at the slopes of Mauna Kea on Big Island in Hawaii which stay sometimes invisible while hiding in the mist and the low-lying clouds. Just like really good design also takes effects without being seen.

As well as information design …

… as also interaction design!