Multimedia lab

Media and Software … in any combination


The expertise of Invisible Cow in multimedia design, production and implementation opens up the widest range of possibilities for what Invisible Cow can do for you:

  • Conception and realization of software solutions for interactive media applications
  • Conception and production of multimedia and multimedia presentations in almost all forms
  • Also, the realization / procurement of required hardware for your projects does not present problems for Invisible Cow

You’ve got questions? Ideas? Visions?

Classical media “services”

  • Photo, film and media production
    You want to capture objects, moments, scenes, situations in photo, film and text?
    Invisible Cow likes to take care of the production for you, starting with the development of the storyboard to the actual media production up to the presentation.
  • Preparation of photo and movie media for presentation
    You want to present your photos and / or movies in modern, digital form?
    Invisible Cow will be happy to advise you on which routes and options are the most suitable and will gladly implement them with you and for you.
    These can be both “smaller” things for the private sphere as well as “big” productions for fairs, exhibitions, museums, etc.
  • Preparation of photo, film and media collections
    You want to structure and / or digitize your existing photo, film and media collection?
    Invisible Cow will be pleased to advise you on the best ways and means of getting the fastest, easiest and most intuitive access to your media.
  • Workshops and introductory courses
    You want new techniques and the possibilities that open up with them and the handling of these techniques?
    Invisible Cow likes to organize workshops for training and further education as well as for a “simple sniffing” into new techniques.

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