Media …

… what is it all about.

To answer this question in its total depth we would have to start a discussion beginning with psychology going to technology and ending in philosophy.
For all those people who’d like to do that we just refer to Google, who honor the media philosopher Marshall McLuhan with a doodle to his 106th birthday (sorry, this is only in german):

Google-Doodle: 106. Geburtstag von Marshall McLuhan – Das Medium ist die Botschaft

So we don’t like to start that discussion right here – even if we are open for it. We just want to confine our discussion here on the media modalities we can use to present information.
And because this is still quite a broad range we focus in our work usually on the visual media and we do that mostly in the following order:

  • photo & video in its „classic“ analogue formats
  • special (analogue) formats in photo & video
  • digitally augmented formats of photo & video
  • text in „classic“ formats as well as in hypermedia formats

Our point of view on (classical) media is introduced here a bit more.

… and more

Media affect.

And this effects can be influenced and increased by the right way of presentation.

Lots of media, if produced in professional ways, speak for themselves.

Some media and some usecases need more than classical ways of presentation.
Those media call for

  • proactive behaviour,
  • the opportunity of interaction between user and media or
  • sometimes simply hypermedia linkage.

Our point of view on the so called new or digital media is introduced here a bit more.

Besides typical media productions Invisible Cow develops also software solutions for interactive media applications. Nevertheless our focus is always – besides the media and the transported information – the human as the user and the audience: we develop strictly within the scope of User Centered Design and User Experience.