Storytelling lab

Story and structure … in any medium

Every presentation is only as good as the story it tells:

  • A bad movie remains a bad movie even if the actor and the camera are outstanding, but the story is poorly narrated.
  • A bad novel remains a bad novel, even if the phrasing of the text is worth a noble-price, but the plot is insignificant.

The key to success in storytelling always lies in the structure of content and story! And this area is the core competence of Invisible Cow: (digital) storytelling!

Every single medium has its own characteristics of how content works.
This also applies to “multimedia”, and this is even more true for interactive media.

Invisible Cow knows the pitfalls of conceptualizing structure, excitement and story in multimedia presentations and applications. That’s why Invisible Cow is the right person to

  • when it comes to concepts and stories for multimedia presentations and shows and
  • when it comes to the development of stories and their implementation as an interactive presentation.

Any questions? Wishes, ideas, visions? Do not hesitate and Invisible Cow will be happy to help you plan, develop and tell your own exciting story – in whatever medium.

Examples of what is possible for Invisible Cow in (digital) storytelling:

  • Mobile stories
  • Books and photo books und Fotobücher
  • And lots of stories more …